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Sing Your Clutter Away, Sing-Along

In this unorthodox and engaging presentation, everything is recycled, including the music. Professional Organizers, Susan Borax and Heather Knittel, have turned classics from Broadway Shows and standards from the American songbook into musical remedies for the organizationally challenged. Through their clever parodies they turn the spotlight on procrastination techniques, teenage bedrooms, the losing battle with paper and the struggle people have with looking for things they just had a minute ago. Release your inner packrat through song. Go home inspired.


Our offerings can be delivered in a variety of formats ranging from a 45-minute keynote to a half -day workshop. Each one is can be tailored to your specific needs and audience. So whether you are looking to “make room to live well” for yourself, or you have a company or organization looking for a topical and entertaining presentation, do not hesitate to contact us. Call 604 421 5952 or email

“Terrific instructor! Great information.”
“Wish I could go home and sort instead of going to bed!”
“Very inspiring, thought provoking”

Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door

If you have trouble letting go of things, are always on a search-and-find mission, and your closet is filled with outdated clothes that don't fit, this is the one workshop you cannot afford to miss. Discover realistic ways to gain control of your living space. Susan and Heather help take the dread out of de-cluttering in this entertaining and informative presentation combining music, laughter and a no-nonsense approach.

We are what we keep. In an age characterized by over-consumption, it appears that objects earn our affections, sometimes more than people do. As real life professional organizers we confront, head-on, the results of this acquisition phenomenon. Much of it defies logic, not to mention the laws of physics. We have come to realize that the problem with too much "stuff" is directly linked to the repeat offenders!! In our book Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door, we identify about the things we see over and over again that are holding your home hostage. Who are these culprits? Join us on the tour. Learn how
to deal with this junk infestation once and for all.

• Why most organizing books have failed you
• You should live so long –(Why you will need to live consecutive lifetimes to complete all your “ good intentions”)
• The “F” word- It is not what you think
• Top Clutter Myths-Exposed
• Search and Destroy-The top 100 clutter denizens and how they got there
• Why you should never leave home empty handed
• The 10 Commandments- According to us
• Who wants it? -Resources that can help
• Never again – Living clutter free for the rest of your life

Moving Mom and Dad: Supporting Your Aging Parents’ Transition

70% of people over 75 still own their own home. Increasing numbers of “sandwich generation” adult children (balancing work, raising a family and caring for older parents), themselves aging, are faced with having to move elderly mothers and fathers out of households they can no longer manage. Helping your parents downsize can be an arduous task, especially when they are experiencing reduced physical performance. This workshop is designed to help families implement simple and practical downsizing strategies to organize for a transition to a retirement community, assisted living or long-term care facility. It focuses on a supportive step-by step process and resources available to help families to reduce guilt, stress and conflict around the disposition of excess belongings through sale, donation and recycling. Downsizing offers unexpected opportunities for family members to connect, learn from one another and celebrate memories.

• Where to begin- When is it time to move?
• Getting your parents on-board and committed
• Involving Family Members- Sharing the load with siblings, spouses and kids
• Making the difficult decisions – sorting out a lifetime’s emotionally charged belongings
• The complexities of selecting furniture and keepsakes to take to a new place
• The 7 Mistakes to Avoid
• What do you do with all of the stuff?
• Settling your parents into new surroundings
• Taking Care of You

Living at Home Longer: Organizing for Aging in Place

In the US 70% of people will remain in the home where they spent their 65th birthday. What does it take to remain independent in a non-healthcare environment as circumstances change? How do you organize a home to be free from unnecessary threats so seniors can continue to live in their home, stay active and socially engaged in their community?  


• What is “Aging in Place” and why it is important
• Home modifications and assistive technology that remove barriers to independence
• Downsizing household possessions to a manageable level
• Reducing clutter hazards
• Home care and maintenance services that can ease caregiver burden
• Making homes accessible for people with disabilities
• Maintenance and modification checklists
• Making things easier to find
• Case studies

Downsize and Sell your Home
Organize Your Home for Resale

Moving to a smaller home creates a host of challenges, not the least of which is deciding what will fit in with the new life, both literally and figuratively. There is no point to moving and storing clothing and household items that have not been unpacked since the previous move. The message is clear: Deal with clutter before the move.

It’s also important to maximize the visual and emotional appeal to attract top dollar from potential buyers. Research demonstrates homes that are staged and clutter-free, sell for more money and in less time.

In this workshop, Susan Borax of Good Riddance Professional Organizing Solutions teams up with The Space Stager, AJ Veerman, home staging and decorating expert. Together they walk you through the steps associated with getting your home ready for resale. Learn how to create the kind of first impression that buyers find irresistible.

• How to save on moving costs by divesting yourself of excess possessions
• How to turn clutter into cash
• Resources for donating the stuff you don’t want
• How to edit your belongings to show your home for resale to its best advantage
• Simple, low cost techniques to enhance the appearance of your home
• How to create great curb appeal
• Utilize what you already have to stage for your property for re-sale

Spring Free from Clutter and Find Hidden Cash

The Good Riddance team takes an enriched approach to dealing with excessive clutter through a process of “organized liquidation”. They will reveal how to distinguish the sellable from junk, and why selling privately or consigning are the optimal choices for the disposal of valuable items, clothing and furniture.

• Find out why clutter drags you down
• Eliminate unnecessary anxiety from your life
• Separate your clutter from your treasures
• Reclaim your living space
• Why garage sales don't always work
• Get the seven secrets of successful consignment
• Find out why consignment makes sense .... and dollars!
• Discover what's hot ... what's not


Speakers Biography

Susan Borax and Heather Knittel are the owners and co-founders of Good Riddance Professional Organizing Solutions. Their Practically Daughters division specializes in assisting families with the downsizing and relocation needs of aging parents. They have been delivering a series of “Get Organized” workshops throughout the Lower Mainland and Seattle since 2005. Venues include women’s and professional groups, corporations, libraries. continuing education, hospitals, IKEA, senior centers and independent living facilities. The company has been featured in Chatelaine, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Good Times Magazine, Renovation Magazine, The Vancouver Courier, The Globe and Mail, Burnaby NOW and the Burnaby News Leader for their dedication to finding good homes for excess possessions through sale, donation and recycling. Susan and Heather have made numerous TV and radio appearances on Global, CBC, JOY-TV, Shaw Cable and CKNW. Their volunteer activities extend to developing Get Organized themed events as fundraisers for non-profits. Their book, released in 2101 titled Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door is available in bookstores across the country. Susan and Heather  can be seen at various venues throughout the Lower Mainland performing their hilarious musical revue, Cluttermania!

Ms. Borax served on the executive board of the BC Chapter of the Professional Organizer’s of Canada. She holds a BA in Political Science and MA in history. Her background includes extensive experience in sales, marketing and training in a variety of industries. She is a member of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers and the Womens Speakers Association

Being highly organized comes naturally to Heather Knittel who started a career in health care, moved on to property management and, had a successful 16 year career in sales promotion and community relations in the broadcast industry. Her interest in Feng Shui leads her to her fascination and love for keeping clutter under control. She is currently pursuing certification in working with the chronically disorganized. Heather is a member of both the Professional Organizers  in Canada and NASMM.




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