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Do you have trouble letting go of things?
Well, we want to help. Instead of feeling shame or embarrassment about items you have been secreting in the back of your closet or basement, why not share them with the world!



 20 year old piece of wedding cake lurking at the bottom of your freezer

Why a Virtual Clutter Museum
Our experience as Professional Organizers has put us in touch with countless examples of the “Too good to throw away” and “I might need that some day” syndromes. We feel a sacred obligation to preserve and protect those possessions, too unbearable to part with, by putting them where they belong to be enjoyed in perpetuity. (Read – out of your home and onto the Web).


Sustaining your Legacy in the Virtual Clutter Museum
By photographing your most-treasured and misunderstood clutter and submitting them to the Good Riddance Virtual Clutter Museum, you accomplish two goals. First, your photo memory allows you to actually physically part with, let’s say, that 20 year old piece of wedding cake lurking at the bottom of your freezer. Second, you can visit it any time 24X7 in cyberspace with the added distinction of it now being a museum piece – (unless of course you are planning on eating it on your 25th Anniversary).

What are the guidelines for submission?
The Good Riddance Virtual Clutter Museum welcomes submissions in the form of digital photos. To meet our exacting standards, we insist that the following requirements be met:

• Authenticity – You should submit only “actual” clutter, something that’s been in your possession for a significant period of time. Perhaps your spouse or roommate has threatened you with eviction unless it disappears by sundown.

• Inspire Wonder- It should make the viewer wonder why anyone would acknowledge ownership of such an item.

• Make History- Stories of its origins are desirable, but not mandatory

What types of submissions are you looking for?

A brief tour of the current exhibit should provide guidelines for would be exhibitors. Suggestions for donations include fashion faux pas, tacky souvenirs, unwanted gifts, odd collections, old food or basically anything you’d be too embarrassed to let your friends see.



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